Privacy Policy

This statement may be amended from time to time without prior notice and you should check the latest version regularly. EC-Ping Employment Agency Company (“Our Company”) hereby undertakes to comply with the obligations and requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“Ordinance”), and its employees are also required to comply with the obligations and requirements of data collection and/or storage and/or usage under this ordinance. If you continue to use the website /mobile application after these terms are amended, you are deemed to have accepted the amendment.

Purpose of Keeping Personal Data
  • To process and prepare the signing documents or related forms of your application for hiring the Foreign Domestic Helper (“FDH”)
  • To sign the employment service contract, job application, reselection form and employment contract
  • To terminate service contract
  • To sign the service contract
  • To contact our Company for enquiry and compliant
  • To use or employment agency services
  • To use or surf our company website
  • To participate in our promotion campaign
  • To be used in our internal training for improving service quality and enquiry. We will record the conversation if need
Types of Personal Data Held by our Company

Personal data held by our Company for the purpose of carrying on our Company's businesses, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • To submit the required document or personal information in supporting the FDHs application to Immigration Department and/or Consulate
  • To verify client's personal identity, including copies of identity card or number
  • Your family members or your Chinese Name, English Name, Identity Number and Date of Birth
  • The relationship proof with your family members
  • Contact number / email address
  • Your residential proof, including address proof and/ or copy of tenant agreement
  • Your income/ asset proof, including income proof, bank statement or bank book record, deposit notes, or proof of financial statement.
  • The voice message including written or voice record when you call our service hotline or attend phone interview.
  • The email or letters that you sent to our Company
Retention of Personal Data
  • Personal data will only be retained for as long as is necessary to fulfil the original or directly related purpose for which it was collected. After the termination of service, our Company shall continue to hold data relating to the customer as prescribed by applicable laws and regulations.
  • According to above guidelines and internal procedures, personal data will be deleted in our Company's electronic, manual and other storage systems after a specified period of storage.
Security of Personal Data

Only employee or working partners who with reasonable reasons to reach and provide service to you will have access to your personal data. Our Company has a set of security measures to protect personal data, and to protect your personal information.

Use of Personal Data

Our Company will use or analysis your personal data for the purpose of:

  • To submit the additional document or personal information in supporting the FDHs application to Immigration Department and/or Consulate
  • To verify your identity
  • To process your enquiry and provide you the updated status / news
  • To provide service and proceed the services you have purchased
  • To answer your enquires and provide assistant, including investigation and solve the service quality problems
  • To send you the service invoice
  • To response to your inquiry and complaint
  • To keep the record for reference
  • To serve the purpose of marketing and promotion
  • To assist our Company in preventing fraud or crime
  • To contact you when necessary
  • To disclose as required or permitted by law.
Disclose and Share of Personal Data

Our Company will keep all your personal data confidential, and might disclose to the following parties:

  • Judicial bodies, government, regulators, courts, or other authorities as required by law
  • Overseas Suppliers
  • Bank, Credit Card Companies or related financial institutes 
  • Professional Consulates (including lawyers and internal auditor)
Collection of Personal Information

We shall make our best endeavours to ensure that the privacy of you is properly protected. However, given the nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that there is "perfect security".

Some of our websites may disclose non-personally identifiable aggregate statistics relating to our visitors to advertisers. Some of our websites may collect aggregate information about our visitors, e.g. statistics on the number of visits. This type of data may include, but is not limited to, the browser type and version, operating system, IP address and/or domain name.

When you visit our websites, we will record your visit only but will not collect any personal data from you unless otherwise stated. Cookies used (if any) in any part of our websites will not be deployed for collecting personal data. For your information, Cookies are small computer files that can be stored in web surfers' computers for the purposes of obtaining configuration information and analyzing web surfers' viewing habits. They can save you from registering again when re-visiting a website and are commonly used to track your preferences in relation to the subject matter of the website. You may refuse to accept Cookies by modifying the relevant Internet options or browsing preferences of your computer system, but to do so you may not be able to utilize or activate certain available functions in our websites. Our websites may bar users who do not accept Cookies.

In order to provide users with more information and services, we provide links to other Web sites. These third parties may collect Users' Personal Data (such as your name, contact number, e-mail address) when users make use of their services. These third parties adhere to their own privacy policies and practices and our Privacy Policy Statement does not cover such third-party practices.

Access and Correction of Personal Data

Under and in accordance with the terms of the said Ordinance, any customers have the right:

  • To check whether our Company holds data about him/her and of access to such data
  • To require our Company to correct any data relating to him/her which is in accurate
  • To ascertain our Company's policies and practices in relation to data and to be informed of the kind of personnel data held by our Company
  • In accordance with the terms of the said ordinance, our Company has the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request

All enquiries and request regarding our Company's compliance with its obligations under the said Ordinance should be in writing to the following contact details:


Employment Agency Licence Number:64715